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Salty Sips – Three Salty Cocktails

For Seriously Salty Sailors and Thirsty Connoisseurs Alike For mixologists, salt is versatile. It can add a whole new dimension to a rather ordinary drink or it can remain subtle and help bring balance to other ingredients. Whether you’re in the kitchen or behind a...
4 New Spring Cocktails

4 New Spring Cocktails

(Or how do get rid of that odd bottle of chardonnay!) So for me, 2018’s about trying new things and I just discovered this whole new world of white wine cocktails. I know, I may be a bit late to the game but these cocktail recipes gave me an excuse to empty a...

A Winter Cranberry Punch

Cranberries are a Massachusetts signature.  They were first cultivated here (right here on Cape Cod, in fact, in East Dennis!) and they are still one of the states marquee crops.  Did you know that cranberries are also one of the few native fruits of North America? ...
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