Shipwreck Lounge @ The Brass Key Guesthouse
10 Carver Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

Tiki Tuesdays Are Back!

Shipwreck Lounge is officially open for the season!  It’s about time.  Enough with this 40-degree cloudiness.  Blah!  It’s funny how Provincetown seasons arrive on schedule every year and they seem to know just when to flip the switch.  My thermometer registered in at...

Homemade Egg Nog

  There’s a day in November that I look forward to every year¾it’s the day that the eggnog appears in the supermarkets.  Oh, the elation I feel when I turn the corner for the dairy aisle and see those golden brown cartons winking at me from the refrigerator...

A Winter Cranberry Punch

Cranberries are a Massachusetts signature.  They were first cultivated here (right here on Cape Cod, in fact, in East Dennis!) and they are still one of the states marquee crops.  Did you know that cranberries are also one of the few native fruits of North America? ...
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