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Local Flavor One Pint at a Time

Did you know that there are now over 100 breweries in Massachusetts? Yeah over 100! To say that the craft beer movement in 2018 is flourishing is an understatement and it’s become easier than ever to find and drink a local beer. With the winter brewing season underway many of these breweries release tasty offerings to help keep their fans warm and beer connoisseurs entertained. If you too enjoy a good winter beer, think porters, stouts or even Belgian dark ales, than keep reading because I’ve compiled a list of amazing list of seasonal – made in Massachusetts beer.

Tree House Brewing – Charlton, MA: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID (Milk Stout – 5.6%ABV) This is a medium to full bodied yet highly drinkable stout that pours dark brown with a tan head. It has the aroma of coffee, hazelnut and chocolate and a taste that follows suit with hints of malt and melting milk chocolate. The combination of its aroma, taste and a soft carbonation make this stand out and go down easy.

Slumbrew – Somerville, MA: YANKEE SWAP (English Ale – 12%ABV) A unique English ale brewed with maple syrup and aged inside oak rum barrels. The rum notes are highly evident and the beer finishes on the sweeter side making it a wonderful way to warm yourself up on a cold New England day.

Trillium Brewing – Canton, MA: DECIDUOUS (American Strong Ale – 12.5%ABV) Inspired by the ever-changing New England climate, this beer has it all. Like many of Trillium’s creations this beer is expressive, complex and noteworthy enough to stockpile. It has a nose of toasted grains, molasses, fig, raisins, chocolate and vanilla with a taste that follows suit. Medium on the body and dry with the finish.

Lefty’s Brewing – Greenfield, MA: BIG BREKKIE (Stout – 8.5%ABV) This is an American-styled imperial stout that pours a thick dark black with a light tan head and a nose of coffee, bacon. The taste brings out hints of fruit, smoke, bacon, maple and roast malt which all work well together in this highly drinkable beer.

Mystic Brewing – Chelsea, MA: DAY OF DOOM (Belgian Quadruple – 11%ABV) In the tradition of quad brews, this has great strength and bold flavor and should be considered a stand out in this list! The beer pours a dark caramel color and has a nose similar to a port; figs, plums and cherries and the alcohol is all evident. The taste is exceptional and finishes smooth, nearly creamy.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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