Shipwreck Lounge @ The Brass Key Guesthouse
10 Carver Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

It may come as no surprise that I, the blogger here at Shipwreck, am partial to said establishment. I suppose that goes without saying. But coming up with good things to say about Shipwreck is easy. But success doesn’t just happen. The guys here work hard to cultivate the cool, laid-back yet friendly ambiance and their stellar drink making skills. So let’s raise a glass to all the things that we love about Shipwreck!

#1 THE BARTENDERS : When it really boils down to it, what is a bar without great bartenders? The Shipwreck boys? Well, we love to look at them. We love to talk with them. We love to drink whatever they put in our hands. Nothing but love here for them.

#2 SANGRIA, COSMOS, AND S&MS, OH MY! What is a bar without great drinks? For a lot of folks in Ptown, Shipwreck is their go-to for the best sangria/cosmo/fil-in-the-blank in town. The masters behind the bar pride themselves on their creativity and the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Makes for all around fantastic drinks.

#3 THE FIREPIT : We love it when it’s cold outside. We love it when it’s warm outside. Just add a firepit and life instantly gets better.

#4 THE VIBE : It’s one part friendly, one part laid-back, and a little drop of cool. It’s a rare mix…those three elements don’t always go together. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a little too much Commercial Street.

#5 BRASS KEY GUESTHOUSE: Cause if you stay at the guesthouse, you never have to leave and all this awesomeness is right outside your door!!

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