Some bars you go to for the beer – anything and everything you could ever want on tap. Some bars you go to for the wine – an expertly crafted wine list paired with a top-notch sommelier. Some bars you go to for the cocktails – whether you like a surprise or the satisfaction of a drink prepared just the way you like it. While we pride ourselves on our beer and wine selections, our cocktails are a Shipwreck signature. I think our cocktail menu speaks for itself. We love mixing up the freshest, finest, most flavorful ingredients and spirits. The off season is actually a fun time for us, as we dream up new creations for the upcoming season.

One of my favorites on the menu right now is the Dirty Orange. What can I say? I love me some OJ (fresh squeezed if possible!)! When I was a kid, I chugged the stuff. Our Dirty Orange is OJ for grownups. OJ with a little more complexity and plenty of spice and zest.

We start with the fresh squeezed citrus. Add to that a pour of Buffalo Trace bourbon (its sweet notes balance out that citrus) and then finish it off with Dirty Water Distillery’s Velnias. What is that? A traditional honey liquor that packs a punch (80 proof) and still goes down sweet and toasty. We’re all about offering local spirits when we can. Dirty Water is a relatively new distillery in Plymouth, MA (just over the bridge). We’re not going to give away the exact recipe. You’re just going to have to stop by and taste one yourself. This cocktail is a perfect choice for the chilly evenings of early fall.

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