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Provincetown, We Have a Situation!  You can always expect to see a little bit of everything as you stroll down Commercial Street on any given day.  But a zombie apocalypse?  That’s a new one!  Thanks to David Flower Productions (the founder, David Mazochi, is also part of the team here at Shipwreck Lounge), zombies are a more common Ptown sighting this summer.  Part scavenger hunt, part laser tag game, DEAD ZONE Zombie Tag is the hot, new game in town.


The game is open to all ages, although an adult should accompany kids under 12.  Dead Zone Zombie Tag has been happening every Friday and Saturday night this summer but it ends September 3rd (next week!!).  The game runs from 7:30 to 10:00 PM with rolling start times.  The cost is $20.00 per player.  David recommends coming in costume cause, well, do you really need an excuse to dress up as a zombie for a game of zombie tag?  Of course, you can choose whether to be a human or a zombie.  If you can’t decide what team to join, you can take this Very Serious And Scientific quiz (it told me I was 100% human so no crazy face painting for me).


And for those of you who are slightly bemused but not exactly racing to drag out your Halloween costume from college, consider this a friendly heads up that you may see strange goings on if you venture out in Ptown next weekend.


David’s other projects have often involved a touch of the horror.  He is behind Dead-Silence, a great haunted event happening in Ptown in October.


DEAD ZONE Zombie Tag, 330 Commercial Street.  For more info visit

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