winebythe pool

Summer is here!  We’re coming up on two weeks straight of unadulterated, indulgently gorgeous weather here on Cape Cod.  We are talking baby blue skies, with nary a cloud in sight and temperatures hovering around the mid 70s thanks to that onshore breeze.  Any New Englander can tell you how rare this is and I keep waiting for the rain to come in buckets.  On a sad note, my vegetables are withering cause I can’t keep them watered.  Alas, if I can’t fight Mother Nature, perhaps instead, I’ll claim a permanent perch next to the glistening pool here at the Brass Key.  My green thumb will be washed away in that turquoise perfection just beyond the bar. The only thing missing from this lolling fantasy?  A drink.  But not for long.  One of the wines we are featuring this summer is just the thing for an afternoon or evening (or morning—hey, it’s vacation) spent poolside.

Meet Grüner Veltliner, a dry white wine from Austria.  Commonly described as light and zesty, it’s basically Sauvignon Blanc with a twist.  Fruity (usually citrus) with a note of pepper, its true signature is a blast of acidity that hits your mouth first.  Overall, it’s a lovely, light, fresh choice, making it ideal for a dreamy day by the pool.   Just be sure to trade the wine glass for the ever classy plastic cup instead¾pools and glass are a dangerous combo.

Looking for some other pool-worthy options?  I just found this round up on The Kitchn that features portable and individually packaged wines.  Wine in a can?  Who knew?

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